Riding A Wave

Place: Plymouth

Date: Installed October 2006

Description: Outside the glass front of the shopping area this figure curves out of the corner of the building and is hanging onto the top as if holding onto the wave. The base is a polished 306 stainless steel and the figure is a lacquered aluminium.

Commissioned by: Chapman Taylor

Agent: International Art Consultants

Notes: This piece responds to the architecture as if coming out of the corner of the glass building. The figure is riding a wave as if riding the top of the sculpture and is reflected in the surrounding glass. The sculpture is in Plymouth with its nautical history, and is opposite Plymouth University where you can study surfing. I wanted to give this piece a direct reference to the sea but more importantly a dynamics a sense of defying gravity, which gives the viewer a sense of possibility, potential of achievement, and therefore a lift.


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Riding A Wave