The Wave

Project: A commission for a landmark sculpture for the £4.7m development of Saint Johns square, outside the Winter Gardens.

Place: Saint Johns Square, central Blackpool

Date: installed September 2009

Dimensions: 10.5m high. And 2.5m wide

Description: A mirror polished stainless steel wave shape with intelligent internal lighting, a laser cut pattern with transparent blue resin insets and a  figure cast in crystal clear blue resin dives form the wave. Around the base a clear cat blue pebbles which act as seats and protection form traffic, a collaboration with Mark Merer.

I wanted this sculpture to have a gem like quality, to be both monumental, and intimate, and reflects the dynamics of Blackpool, its wonderful history, and ever changing nature.
The mirror polished steel reflecting the people in the square, bringing a human scale, and hopefully drawing people to the sculpture to look at their reflection, which acts like a hall of mirrors.
The pattern cut into the steel is taken from the stained glass windows in Saint John’s church and the wonderful architectural detailing in the Winter Gardens.
The diving figure gives a dynamics and sense of defying gravity, which gives a feeling of possibility. Being like blue glass she adds to the sense of the ornamental.

Funded by: NWDA
Commissioned by: Blackpool Borough Council

The Wave is simple but iconic, monumental but elegant and will become part of Blackpool’s heritage.’ says Carl Carrington, Built Heritage Manager for city council.
‘Its an absolute delight. Blackpool needs something big but beautiful to make a statement about the direction the city’s taking. It has huge significance for the whole of Blackpool’ says Elaine Smith, chairman of the Blackpool Civic society.

Talk: C view Talk at the Grundy Gallery



St John's Square - The Wave was shortlisted for the Landscape Institute Awards 2010.

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The Wave