Verduyn Gallery

The Child Untold  – Current 

Verduyn Gallery

Heerbaan 10, 9790 Morgam, Belgium.

10th Dec 2023 to 11th Feb 2024

open 2-6pm weekends and by appointment.


Cabinet Da-End XIII

Galerie Da-End    –  Current 

17 Rue Guenegaud, 75006 Paris

13th January 2024 to 24th Feb 2024

Cabinet Da-End XIII, the gallery’s thirteenth contemporary cabinet of curiosities, brings together “rare, new, singular” works based on the number 13. The myths and symbols surrounding this mysterious number, often reduced to superstition, reveal themselves to be surprisingly rich and varied, reflecting the diversity of cultures and the infinite possibilities of contemporary artistic expression and interpretation.

With a selection of emerging, established and singular artists, this new edition offers an immersion into a universe where every nook and cranny, every installation, every artwork evokes the intrigue of the cursed number, while offering variations, unexpected meanings or new dimensions. Whether through the popular tale of the Twelve Brothers (and their sister) narrated via a pictorial installation, the Death card of the Tarot engraved on copper or painted on tracing paper, collage-paintings quoting allegories by great masters, the 13th chapter of the Apocalypse illustrated in embroidery, or watercolors evoking mystical rituals… The mediums are equally varied, from ceramics to glass and feather sculptures, and assemblages of vegetal art. Each work is a literal, indirect or abstract expression of the number 13. Some have examined its mythological significance, while others have explored its symbolic meaning in nature, science or popular culture.

The works presented are integrated into a mystical symbiosis, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in a visual labyrinth where dialogue and coincidence intertwine. In this artistic sanctuary, the number Thirteen ceases to be a mere symbolic value and becomes a transcendent force, revealing imaginary worlds hidden between light and shadow.

Avec/With: Markus Åkesson, Amélie Barnathan, Frédéric Beauchamp, Jacques Brissot, Anna Cambier, Marine Gazier, Georgios Georgolios, Lucy Glendinning, Orié Inoué, Sarah Jérôme, Sofia Kanakis, Kim KototamaLune, Célia Nkala, Toshio Saeki, Satoshi Saïkusa, Carolein Smit, Mitsuru Tateishi, Mykola Tolmachev

Vanner Gallery


Vanner Gallery

45 High Street, Salisbury, Wiltshire.

Curated by Jacquiline Creswell

3rd Nov 2023 to 23rd Dec 2023

‘Vessels’ brings together 15 outstanding artists to explore the vessel and its diverse meanings across sculpture, ceramics, painting and photography.

The exhibition is curated by visual arts advisor and curator Jacquiline Creswell. It is Jacquiline’s third collaboration with the gallery following her ‘No Woman is an Island’ exhibition in Spring 2022 and ‘John Blackburn: Revisitation Paintings’ which opened our programme this year.

“This group of artists was carefully selected from different disciplines to enhance the creative vision and effectively communicate their interpretation of a vessel. From intricately designed vases and decorative bowls to sculptural containers, the human form, photography and painting these vessels combine to showcase the creativity and skill of the artists, adding beauty and artistic value to our human experience.” – Jacquiline Creswell

Joshua Aubrook | Frances Carlile | Lizzie Farey | Robert George | Lucy Glendinning | Felice Hodges | Robyn Neild | Rebecca Newnham | Sarah Purvey | Jane Sheppard | Jo Taylor | Louise Tunnard | Laurence Wallace | Kate Windibank | Caroline Winn


Das Leben am Haverkamp

The Side Eye 

Das Leben am Haverkamp – Project Space 

Stille Veerkade 19,  The Hague.

22nd Sept 2023 to 8th October 2023

Curator by Yannik Güldner

You feel the eyes resting on you, the stares from the side, ever so slightly turning heads while passing by. Judging? Approving? Disapproving? Gazing at you. This exhibition examines “The Side Eye”; a sidelong glance expressing disapproval or contempt. In this exhibition curator Yannik Güldner brings together six artists, entering a critical dialogue with one another surrounding the question – How do you see me? They acknowledge the role of appearance and explore the thin line between identity and stereotype.

An exhibition with works by Cihad Caner, Willem de Haan, Margriet van Breevoort, Heather Dewey-Hagborg, Yun Lee and Lucy Glendinning.
Kindly supported by Creative Industries Fund NL, Stroom Den Haag, Hoogtij

La Manufacture Roubaix

Hidden Faces 

La Manufacture Roubaix

musee de la memoire et de la creation textile 

29 avenue Julien Lagache
59100 Roubaix

22nd April to 27th August 2023

Curated by: Christine Mathieu

With: Alison Bremner, Charles Fréger, Christine Mathieu, Da-ka-xeen Mehner, Darius Dolatyari-Dolatdoust, Drew Michael, Harald Fernagu, Iwajla Klinke, Jack Abraham, Julie Cockburn, Jeanne Vicerial, Lucy Glendinning, Leonce Raphael Agbodjelou, Markus Akesson , Maurizio Anzeri, Michael Nosek, Nathalie Bissig, Shadi Ghadirian, Séverine Gallardo, Threadstories, Thorsten Brinkmann.


Galerie Kaleidoscope

VARIA #2  portrait de l’homme en animal 

Galerie Kaléidoscope

19, rue Mazarine – 75006 Paris

8th April 2023 to 13 may 2023

Echoes of the work of Amélie Bonnet Balazut Portrait of man as animal through a selection of works by:  Pilar Albarracin, Angelique de Chabot, Lucy Glendinning, Ilya Grinberg, Tereza Lochmann, Maryan, Fernand Teyssier, Mao To Lai,  Jean-Luc Verna.


Cabinet Da-End XII

Cabinet Da-End XII

The Moon and the Rabbit

Opening: 28th Jan 16H-21H

28th January to 11th March

Galerie Da-End 17 rue Gueegaud 75006 Paris

Exhibiting artists: Markus Åkesson, Marcella Barceló, Frédéric Beauchamp, Yoko Fukushima, Marine Gazier, Lucy Glendinning, Sarah Jérôme, Kanaria, Shinsuke Kawahara, Kim KototamaLune, Tessa Kugel, Margaux Laurens-Neel, Mike MacKeldey, Honoré de Malné, Nieto, Célia Nkala, Phuong Nguyen, Toshio Saeki, Satoshi Saïkusa, Sota Sakuma, Carolein Smit, Eimi Suzuki, Mitsuru Tateishi, Andrey Tischenko, Mykola Tolmachev, James Webster

La Galerie Da-End invite, à l’occasion de cette nouvelle lune, une vingtaine d’artistes internationaux à créer leur propre mythe du lapin lunaire en s’inspirant des mythologies aztèques ou des folklores asiatiques (Chine, Japon, Vietnam) qui voient par paréidolie un lapin vivant dans cet astre de la nuit. C’est ainsi que le Cabinet Da-End XII s’est constitué cette année, à travers une sélection lunatique d’œuvres aux médiums variés et insolites – entre dessins, peintures, photographies, des marionnettes, des plumes, du verre et des crustacés…- toutes rassemblées pour la douzième édition consécutive à la galerie de son cycle d’exposition sur le thème du Cabinet des merveilles.

The Da-End Gallery invites, on the occasion of this new moon, some twenty international artists to create their own myth of the lunar rabbit, drawing inspiration from Aztec mythologies or Asian folklore (China, Japan, Vietnam) which see by pareidolia a rabbit living in this star of the night. This is how Cabinet Da-End XII was formed this year, through a whimsical selection of works in varied and unusual mediums – between drawings, paintings, photographs, puppets, feathers, glass and shellfish. …- all brought together for the twelfth consecutive edition at the gallery of its exhibition cycle on the theme of the Cabinet of Wonders.

together jesmonite figures

Art Palm Beach 2023

Art Palm Beach 2023

Waterhouse & Dodd

New York

Booths 706/807, 800 and 808  25- 29th January

Palm Beach Count Convention Center, 650 Okeechobee Blvd, West Plam beach, FL 33401

exhibiting artists: Doug Argue, Peter Blake, Martin Brewster, Martin Brouillette, Graham Dean, Richard Diebenkorn, Eric Fischl,  Sam francis, Danielle Frankenthal, Lucy Glendinning, James Gortner, Karen Gunderson, Andy Harper, Alessandro Keegan, Kim Keever, Gene Kiegel, Fernand Leger, Sol Lewitt, Jean-Francois Rauzier.




Art Miami 2022

Art Miami 2022

Waterhouse & Dodd

New York

Booth AM520 30th November to 4th December

exhibiting artists: Doug Argue, Peter Blake, Norman Bluhm,   Martin Brouillette, Graham Dean, Richard Diebenkorn, Eric Fischl, Sam Francis, Danielle Frankenthal, Lucy Glendinning, Andy Harper, Alessandro Keegan, Gene Kiegel, Fernand Leger, Sol Lewitt,  Pablo Picasso, Edward Povey, Jean-Francois Rauzier, Jon schueler, Gregory Scott, Tom Wesselman, Albert Willem.



San Francisco Fall Show

San Francisco Fall Show

Waterhouse & Dodd

Booth B6

Fort Mason, San Francisco. USA

Dates; 13-16 October  2022

exhibiting artists: Doug Argue, Peter Blake, Pierre Bonnard, Martin Brouillette, Mary Cassatt, Jean-Pierre Cassigneul, Jean Dufy, Sam Francis, Jim Gaylord, Lucy Glendinning, Karen Gunderson, Andy Harper, Alessandro Keegan, IKim Keever, Gene Kiegel, Fernand Leger, Roy Lichtenstein, Richard Pettibone, Pablo Picasso, Arnaldo Pomodoro, Edward Povey, Jean-Francois Rauzier, Gregory Scott, Maurice Utrillo, Tom Wesselman.


Sculpture: Forever in the Now

Sculpture: Forever in the Now

Dates: 23/3 to 22/05/2022
at Victoria Place, Woking. U.K.

This exhibition brings together 24 sculptures by 12 artists:
6 whose work is broadly figurative and 6 whose work is more abstract.
Curated by Sean Henry and David Worthington

Exhibiting Artists: James Capper, Laura Ford, Lucy Glendinning, Nigel Hall (RA),
Nicola Hicks, Sean Henry, Simon Hitchens, Kenny Hunter, David Mach (RA),
Eilis O’Connell, Richard Perry and David Worthington.

With support from The Lightbox Museum and Gallery

Cabinet Da-End XI (Aslie in Wonderland)

Asile in Wonderland

Galerie Da-End

17 Rue Guenegaud 75006 Paris.

15.1.  to 12.3.2022

The Da-End gallery pursues its series of contemporary Cabinet of Curiosities and invites this year for the eleventh issue, nearly twenty international artists to unveil their creations in a scenography evoking the wonder-rooms of our childhood.  Through a selection of works in various techniques – drawings, painting, sculpture, photography, or video, the exhibition immerses us in the mysteries of the tender age or in the imaginary of the not so tender.
avec / with :

Markus Åkesson, Marcella Barceló, Lucy Glendinning, Orié Inoué, Sarah Jérôme, Kim KototamaLune, Mike Mackeldey, Mizuta, Nieto, Célia Nkala, Lionel Sabatté, Toshio Saeki, Sota Sakuma, Satoshi Saïkusa, Shinsuke, Carolein Smit, Mitsuru Tateishi, Nikolay Tolmachev.

Art Miami

30th November to 5th December 2021
Art Miami 2021 Art fair.
Waterhouse & Dodd
will be showing three works in Booth number AM522

Identity of Shadows

Galleri Andersson/Sandström
Hudiksvallsgatan 6
SE-113 30 Stockholm



Galleri Andersson/Sandström is pleased to present its third solo exhibition with the British sculptor Lucy Glendinning. The exhibition Identity of shadows presents new sculptures and framed works.
The artist will be present. Scroll down for pressrelease.


15 APRIL  – 22 MAJ 2021

In Glendinning’s work, her interest in psychology and philosophical issues is embodied and the human body is used as a vehicle for meaning. The human’s consciousness and its relation to the subconscious becomes the main theme of the exhibition. How does these underlying factors affect our existence and how do they shape our future in the long run?

My sculpture takes the human form as its starting point and tool. I draw from classical sculptural approaches and crafts, in the manipulation and experimentation of less usual materials.
– Lucy Glendinning

The artist’s fascination with “a society of the future” can be seen in the work Feather Child. The children materialize the questions in which the artist wonders whether we, in a world where our genetics can be freely manipulated, will be able to resist changes in our physical conditions. The feathered body recalls one of Greek mythology’s most classic tales of human fragility and hubris: the fate of Icarus. How far can we drive our progress before everything collapses? In the series The Ghost in my machine, Glendinning lets the sculptures give shape to the human subconscious and how she in different mental states perceives her own body. But also, and more often from how other people perceive their bodies in different mental states, and moods, through a series of ongoing conversations, and research. The series is a commentary on ancient sculptures where the idealized human body manifests strength both physically and mentally. In the works, the human body has been distorted and taken the form of the sculpturally draped textiles found in the classical sculptures of antiquity. In contrast to antiquity, the undulating forms in Glendinning’s sculptures instead expose the reflection of human vulnerability


Cabinet Da-End X

From December 1st 2020 to January 30th 2021

With / With : Markus Åkesson, Marcella Barceló, César Bardoux, Clément Bataille, Lucy Glendinning, Orié Inoué, Sarah Jérôme, Kim KototamaLune, KRJST, Robert Mapplethorpe, Mike MacKeldey, Daïchi Mori, Daïdo Moriyama, Nietatto, Célia Nkéala, Lioneliyama, Nietatto, Célia Nkéala, Satoshi Saïkusa, Sota Sakuma, Carolein Smit, Mitsuru Tateishi, Nikolay Tolmachev, Vivian Van Blerk
And the kind participation of / And the kind participation of : Alexandre Bernand, Christophe Lunn, Galerie Art Sablon, Galerie Entwistle, Galerie Nicolas Rolland, Galerie Schoffel by Fabry, …

“The Tetraktys in whom is the source and the root of eternal nature. Everything derives from the Decade and everything goes back to it. The 10 is the image of the whole in motion. “Thus the Pythagoreans took their oath by affirming that” everything is number “. Formulated by the sum of the first four numbers such as 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 = 10, the Tetraktys of Pythagoras (6th century BC) is built on four levels and ten points, giving the sacred ten the shape of a triangle equilateral. Depending on the interpretation, at the top is the One, the Divine or the harmonious unity. The two dots below denote duality or dualism. Then come the three points which correspond to the three levels of the world (infernal, terrestrial and celestial). The four points forming the base of the triangle suggest the four elements, the four seasons and more broadly they symbolize the creation or the multiplicity of the material world. For its initiates, the Tétraktys summarizes in this way “a figurative image of the structure of the world.”

It is on this theme of the number ten and the symbolic possibilities offered by Tétraktys, that Cabinet Da-End invites – on the occasion of its tenth edition and the ten years of the gallery – contemporary artists, colleagues and collectors of African, Oceanian or Asian art, to challenge the shifting borders of the Art world. It is up to everyone to interpret freely.

“The Tetraktys in which is found the source and root of eternal nature. Everything derives from the Decade and everything goes back to it. The Tenth is the image of the totality in movement.” This is how the Pythagoreans pronounced their oath, claiming that ‘all is number’. Formulated by the sum of the first four numbers such as 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 = 10, the Tetraktys of Pythagoras (6th century BCE) is built on four levels and ten points, giving the sacred ten the shape of an equilateral triangle. According to the interpretations, at the vertex appears the One, the Divine or the harmonious unit. The two points underneath indicate duality or dualism. Then come the three points corresponding to the three levels of the world (infernal, earthly and celestial). The four points forming the base of the triangle suggest the four elements, the four seasons and more broadly they symbolize the creation or multiplicity of the material world. It is in this way that the Tetraktys sums up, for its initiates, “a figurative image of the structure of the world”. 

And it is on this theme of the number ten and the symbolic possibilities offered by the Tétraktys – on the occasion of its tenth edition and the tenth anniversary of the gallery – that Cabinet Da-End invites contemporary artists, colleagues and collectors of African, Oceanian or Asian Art, to challenge the moving frontiers of the art world. It is up to everyone to interpret freely.

Feathers – warmth, seduction, flight

Gewerbe Museum

Gewerbemuseum Winterthur
Kirchplatz 14
CH-8400 Winterthur

1st December 2019 to 1st June 2020


The “Feathers” exhibition pays homage to this extremely complex keratinous structure, exploring its seductive beauty and multiplicity of shapes. Light is shed on the ingenious versatility of feathers, their use as cultural objects and their current significance in the realms of design, art and pop culture. In addition, feathers can serve as a starting point for considering particular aspects of the relationship between human beings and animals. The exhibition therefore also takes a critical look at the trade in bird feathers, as well as examining the human passion for building flying objects in imitation of nature

With works by:

Mehdi Alibeygi (IR) / Glen Baghurst (SE) / Walter van Beirendonck (BE) / Yoann Bourgeois (FR) / Christian Braga (BR) / Jessica Broscheit (DE) / Heike Buchfelder (DE) / Marion Delarue (FR) / Ann Demeulemeester (BE) / Ulrich Eller (DE) / Kat Frankie (AU) / Douglas Freitas (BR) / Lucy Glendinning (GB) / Natalia Gomes (BR) / Johann Hallin (SE) / PJ Harvey (GB) / Iris van Herpen (NL) / Hermann Holzhauser (DE) / Thomas Horvath (CH) / Bethan Huws (GB) / Maxime Leroy (FR) / Ingo Maurer (DE) / Kate MccGwire (GB) / Martina Meier (CH) / Phia Ménard (FR) / Gustav Mesmer (DE) / Janaina Milheiro (FR) / Daniela Misteli (CH) / Seamus Murphy (IE) / Julie Nioche (FR) / Ursula Palla (CH) / Andre Pinces (GB) / Paola Pivi (IT) / Michael Quetting (DE) / Anna Rubin (AT) / Lothar Schiffler (DE) / Jakob Schlaepfer (CH) / Supaman (US) / Talbot Runhof (DE) / Mario Testino (PE) / Betony Vernon (FR) / Timo Wright (FI) / Tainá Xavier (BR) / Zhao Chuang (CN) / and much more







The Shape of the Public’s Health

The Royal Society of Public Health

Established in 1856, the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) is an independent campaigning and educational charity dedicated to improving and protecting the health of people just like you – both in the United Kingdom and around the world.

Finalist in The Shape of Public’s Health

organised by the Royal Society of Sculpture


Cabinet Da-End 09

15th September to 26th October

17 rue Guénégaud
75006 PARIS

Avec / With : Markus Åkesson, Marcella Barceló, Marion Catusse, Nicolas Darrot, Marielle Degioanni, Lucy Glendinning, Sarah Jérôme, Kim KototamaLune, Nieto, Célia Nkala, Satoshi Saïkusa, Carolein Smit, Mitsuru Tateishi, Nikolay Tolmachev

Things inconspicuously appear. The artists in this Cabinet appeal beyond mere curiosity. Reality does not suffice: they seek to fill a void. One could say that they are chasing dreams and inspiration, but above all, they compose an answer to the lack of meaning in our societies. In 1987, René Huyghe warned us in that regard in his essay “L’art entre le visible et l’invisible”: “The inner life cannot sustain itself when confronted by the rational materialism of the outside world, it can no longer feed its essence and our conscience, which until recently we dared to call our souls, needs to be allowed to follow its own path and aspirations, to which sacred once replied.”

Henri Guette


NAKED – The Vulnerable Body


Museum Kranenburgh, Hoflaan 26, 1861 CR Bergen, Pays-Bas

What is naked in contemporary times? With the exhibition NAKED – The Vulnerable Body, Museum Kranenburgh considers the changing meaning of the naked in the visual culture of the past decades: from shock to familiarity, from taboo to openness – and sometimes back again.


Atelier Van Lieshout | Anthon Beeke | Herbert Behrens | Caspar Berger | Eva Besnyö (HU/NL) | Alexandra Bircken (DE) | Melanie Bonajo | Yi-Fei Chen (TW) | Lois Cohen en Indiana Roma Voss | Matthew Day Jackson (USA) | Michèle Degen (CH) | Rineke Dijkstra | Hans Eijkelboom | Mandy den Elzen | Kim van Erven | Alicia Framis (ES) | Lucy Glendinning (GB) | Daan van Golden | Olivier van Herpt | Bora Hong (KR) | Fleur Hulleman | Ata Kandó (HU) | Billie van Katwijk | Laetitia Ky (CI) | Duran Lantink | George Maciunas (LT) | Thomas Mailaender (FR) | MAISON the FAUX | Reineke Otten | Nam June Paik (KR) | Antje Peters (DE) | Bas Princen | Deborah de Robertis (LU) | Maria Roosen | Fernando Sánchez Castillo (ES) | Sanne Sannes | Viviane Sassen | Wim T. Schippers | Jan Schoonhoven | Yinka Shonibare (GB) | Giulia Soldati (IT) | Elisabet Stienstra | Berend Strik | Julius Thissen | thonik | Oliviero Toscani (IT) | Ulay (DE) | Ari Versluis en Ellie Uyttenbroek | Roy Villevoye | Hongjie Yang (CN) | Mickaël Wiesengrün | John Berger (GB) | Wim Crouwel | Max Kisman | Richard Prince (PA) | Hans Wolf | Butt Magazine | easy. (CA) | Extra Extra Magazine | Fantastic Man Magazine | Glamcult | Permanent Food magazine: Maurizio Cattelan & Paola Manfrin (IT) | Tijdschrift Gandalf | Toiletpaper Magazine: Maurizio Cattelan & Pierpaolo Ferrari (IT) | Yoni

14th Oct 2018 – 3rd Feb 2019


Only Human


Solo exhibition

Galerie Da-End,  17 rue Guenegaud 75006 Paris

12.05 > 23.06.2018
OPENING RECEPTION : Saturday May 12th, 4 – 8 pm
VERNISSAGE : le samedi 12 mai, 16h – 20h

After showing her work recently at the Villa Tamaris art center, the Château de Maisons and the Château du Rivau, British artist Lucy Glendinning returns to Galerie Da-End for her third solo exhibition, titled ‘Only Human’. Since the beginning of her career, she pursues protean researches on the representation of the human body, a theme that she mainly deploys in her sculptural work, but also in series of drawings that will be presented here.

Lucy Glendinning’s art stages the intrusion of fantastic within our everyday life, illustrating with brio the notion of uncanny conceptualized by Freud in 1919. Her half-animal half-human figures, somewhere between mythological stories and transhumanist experimentations, allow her to express her own epistemological and philosophical interrogations as for man’s place in nature.

Après avoir présenté son travail ces derniers mois à la Villa Tamaris, au Château de Maisons et au Château du Rivau, l’artiste britannique Lucy Glendinning revient à la Galerie Da-End pour une troisième exposition personnelle, intitulée ‘Only Human’. Depuis le début de sa carrière, cette dernière poursuit des recherches protéiformes liées à la représentation du corps humain, un thème qu’elle déploie principalement dans son travail de sculpture, mais aussi dans des séries de dessins qui seront ici montrées.

Les œuvres de Lucy Glendinning mettent en scène l’intrusion du fantastique dans notre quotidien, illustrant avec brio la notion d’inquiétante étrangeté conceptualisée par Freud en 1919. Ses figures mi-animales mi-humaines, quelque part entre récits mythologiques et expérimentations transhumanistes, lui permettent d’exprimer via le corps ses propres interrogations épistémologiques et philosophiques quant à la place de l’homme au sein de la nature.

Only Human Press Release

Le Beau, la Belle et la Bête

Avec son profil de légende, Le Rivau, archétype du château de princesses et chevaliers, a pour ambition de nourrir l’imaginaire des visiteurs, petits et grands, et de les inviter à revisiter l’Histoire. Celle d’hier et celle d’aujourd’hui.

Raison pour laquelle, le domaine invite, chaque année, des artistes contemporains à s’inspirer de son décor merveilleux tout en à renouant avec le conte de fées et ses ingrédients symboliques. En 2018, l’exposition entre en résonance avec La belle et la bête, un conte re-adapté en 1757 par Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont.

Une exposition des œuvres de : Carlos Aires, Élodie Antoine, Pierre Ardouvin, Pascale Barret, Marie Boralevi, Katia Bourdarel, Catherine Bret-Brownstone, Jake & Dinos Chapman, Sabine Delahaut, Helene Delprat, Nicolas Darrot, Léo Dorfner, Geneviève Favre-Petrof, Jean-François Fourtou, Michel François, Charles Fréger, Lucy Glendinning, Kim KototamaLune, Marie Hendriks, Olivier Masmonteil, Marie Maurel de Maillé, Myriam Mechita, Fabien Mérelle, Bruno Pelassy, Laurent Perbos, Javier Pérez, Samuel Rousseau, Axelle Remeaud, Zoé Rumeaux, Nadia Sabourin, Jim Shaw, Vee Speers, Magali Vaillant, Fabien Verschaere, SUN Xue, Mark Dion, Jean-Michel Othoniel, Pierre Ardouvin, Dominique Bailly, Basserode, Ghyslain Bertholon, Jean-Luc Bichaud, Lilian Bourgeat.

Du 31 mars au 4 novembre 2018
Château du Rivau, Lémeré (FR)

Loup y es-tu ? Bestiaire et Métamorphoses

Avec : Lionel Sabatté, Cédric Le Corf, Sarah Jérôme, Nicolas Darrot, Julien Salaud, Javier Perez, Stéphane Penchréac’h, Katia Bourdarel, Cécile de Cassagnac, Maël Nozahic, Fabien Mérelle, Arnaud Rochard, Marko Velk, Davor Vrankic, Leopold Rabus, Till Rabus, Ronan Barrot, Abel Pradalié, Anya Belyat-Guinta, Klervi Bourseul, Cristine Guinamand, Nazanin Pouyandeh, Murielle Belin, Vidya Gastaldon, Marlène Mocquet, Emmanuelle Renard, Simon Pasieka, Karine Rougier, Vincent Bizien, Marcella Barcelo, Ghyslain Bertholon, Lucy Glendinning, Markus Åkesson, Gaël Davrinche.

Du 25 mars au 25 juin 2018
Commissaire / Curator : Amélie Adamo
Château de Maisons, Maisons-Laffitte (FR)

Zone (s) FGH

Trois sculptuers contemporains
Jean_Marie Fondacaro / Lucy Glendinning / Benoit Hout
Curated by Evelyne Artaud and Robert Bonaccorsi
Opening 9th March
10th March to 22nd April
Villa Tamaris Centre D’Art
Toulon Provence Mediterranee’
295, avenue de la Grande Maison
83500 La Seyne-sur-Mer

Cabinet Da-End 08

Le vendredi 9 mars à partir de 19h
10th March to 5th May
Galerie Da-End
17 rue Guenegaud
75006 Paris

With Invited Guests

Markus Åkesson and art collections
27th Jan to 18th March 2018
Kalmar konstmuseum
SE 392 33 Kalmar

John Bauer, Ellen Ehk Åkesson, Lucy Glendinning, Sarah Jerome, Hans-Jörgen Johansen
Kim KototamaLune, Marcus Larson, Stina Lindskog, Satoshi Saïkusa, Carolein Smit
Dea Svensson, Kennet Williamsson, Artworks from the collections of Kalmar konstmuseum

Art Festival Watou

Festival House
Watouplein 12
8978 Watou
1st July to 3rd September

Cabinet Da-End 07

Cabinet Da-End
Galerie, Da-End
17 Rue Guénégaud
75006 PARIS
11th March to 6th May

Das Hybris – Projekt

Curated by Micael Artz, Frank Motz, Christian Schoen.
Opening reception June 4th 8pm
Exhibition runs from 5th June -11 September 2016-05-19
ACC Galerie Weimar
Brugplatz 1+2 | 99423 Weimar

140 Artists–15 Years

Galleri Andersson/Sandstrom Umea
Group Exhibition
April 16 – May 20

Umea  Aktrisgränd 34
S-903 64 Umeå
T +46 (0)90 14 49 90

Anniversary exhibition, “140/15”

Umeå, April 16 – May 20, 2016
Celebrating 15 years at Umedalen!

We are showing an amazing selection of works by some of the 140 artists that we have exhibited through the years.

Featured artists:
Tatjana Valsang / Tony Cragg / Elina Brotherus / Antony Gormley / Wilhelm Mundt / Jaume Plensa / Peder Josefsson / Riitta Päiväläinen / Assa Kauppi / Allison Gildersleeve / Bernd Koberling / Katrin Korfmann / Alyson Shotz / Emma Hartman / Peter Hahne / Mikael Richter / Stina Rosenberg / Atte & Peter Öhrnell / Per Enoksson / Gunnar Okner / Karin Laaja / Roland Persson / Louise Bourgeois / Cristos Gianakos / Andreas Eriksson / Hasse Persson / Gabi Trinkaus / Chiara Albertoni / Lars Nilsson / Kari Cavén / Kristján Guðmundsson / Michael Johansson / Astrid Sylwan / Ian McKeever / Anne-Karin Furunes / Bård Breivik / Anette Harboe Flensburg / Enrique Martínez Celaya / Sean Henry / Barton Lidice Benes / Eva Hild / Magni Borgehed / Jan Håfström / Meta Isæus-Berlin / Sune Jonsson / Anna Stake / The Art Guys / Christina Västerbo / Clay Ketter / Anneè Olofsson / Lucy Glendinning

The Umeå gallery is open Tue-Thu 12-17 and Fri 12-16.

Art Paris Art Fair

Gallerie Da-End
Stand/Booth D3
Grand Palais
Avenue Winston Churchill
75008 Paris
31st – 3rd April 2016

Exhibited artists
Markus Åkesson – Lucy Glendinning – Mike MacKeldey – Satoshi Saïkusa

‘The Milk of Human Kindness’

Duo exhibition
Markus Akesson and Lucy Glendinning
9th January to 20th February 2016

17 Rue Guénégaud
75006 PARIS

Dédicaces et Déclarations – Dedications and Declarations

8, Rue Elzévir 75003 Paris
Curated by : David Rosenberg, in collaboration with Marie Gayet
From 20 October 2015 to 26 November 2015
With artists: Markus Åkesson, César Bardoux, Lucy Glendinning, Sarah Jérôme, Lidia Kostanek, Mike MacKeldey, Marc Molk, Axelle Remeaud, Satoshi Saïkusa, Jun Takahashi et Edwart Vignot. Ainsi que Céline Cléron, Taisuke Mohri, Célia Nkala, Franck Perrin, Sabine Pigalle et Lise Terdjman.

“HEY! Modern Art & Pop culture, act III”

Halle Saint Pierre

2 Rue Ronsard 75018 Paris
From 18th Sept 2015 to the 13th March 2016
Curated by : Anne & Julien

C’est la nuit! – ‘In the night!’

Villa Tamaris – Centre d’Art
La Seyne sur Mer (FR)
Curated by : Evelyne Artaud and Jacques Binsztok
13th June to 6th September 2015
L’exposition ‘présentera à la Villa Tamaris Centre d’art à partir de juin 2015 les oeuvres de 25 artistes dont Philippe Cognée, Antonio Segui, Jacques Monory, Lucy Glendinning, Loustal, Jean Le Gac, Alain Fleischer, Gérard Fromanger, Hans Op de Beeck…

The Hubris Project

“The Hubris-Project” uses diverse aesthetic-critical and artistic-visionary statements to call into question human actions in the context of a millennia-old theme in the history of ideas: exceeding the right measure…

Curated by: Michael Arzt (HALLE 14), Frank Motz (ACC Galerie Weimar) and Christian Schoen (kunst|konzepte)

With: Narda Alvarado (BO), Chim ↑ Pom (JP), Ursula Damm (DE), GAEG (DE), Lucy Glendinning (GB) , Harminder Judge (GB), Bjørn Melhus (DE), Tobias Regensburger (DE ), Xu Tan (CN), Pinar Yoldas (TR)

From May 1 to August 16, 2015

Zentrum für
zeitgenössische Kunst
Leipziger Baumwollspinnerei
Spinnereistr. 7
04179 Leipzig, Germany
fon +49 341 492 42 02
fax +49 341 492 47 29


Curators: Evelyne Artaud and Jean-Pierre Balpe

Pascal Bauer / France Cadet / Patrick Chambon / Philippe Comar / Henri Cueco / Gilles Aillaud / Arman / Jacopo Baboni-Schlingi / Jean-Pierre Balpe / Isa Barbier / Dector & Dupuy / Jan Fabre / Noureddine Ferroukhi / Gloria Friedman / Lucy Glendinning / Karin Hellin / Benoit Huot / Michel Jaffrennou / Jean Le Gac / Nadaud Daniel / Françoise Petrovitch / Pascal Pistacio / Muriel Poli / Ilias Poulos / Viviane Vagh / Vladimir Vélicovick / Eric Vernhes / Sharif Waked

From April 19 to December 31, 2015
Royal Abbey of Saint Riquier

Art Paris Art Fair 2015

Galleri Da-End
March 26th – 29th 2015
Grand Palais
Stand/Booth D2

Le Cabinet de Curiosités du Silencio

Silencio Paris
February 11th to March 28th
Founded in 2011, Silencio is a new kind of members club dedicated to creative communitites and conceived by David Lynch
Les 10 et 11 février 2015. Commissaire : Marie Audran
Silencio Club 142 rue Montmartre 75002 Paris

Cabinet Da-end 05

February 28th to April 25th
Galerie Da-End Paris

Grand Rapids Art Museum

GRAM Selects ArtPrize 2014: Encore!
November 28, 2014 – Oct 11, 2015
Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

GRAM Selects ArtPrize 2014: Encore!
November 28, 2014 – Oct 11, 2015

In a 2012 pilot project and again in 2013, GRAM curators selected works originally shown in various ArtPrize venues, from designers, filmmakers, draftsmen, sculptors, installation artists, and painters, to be part of an exclusive extension of the ArtPrize experience at GRAM. Chosen for their artistic strength and resonances with the Museum Collection, with upcoming exhibitions, and with the unique architectural setting, the works from ArtPrize were carefully placed among works in the collection from all periods, on all three floors of the Museum, from shortly after the close of one ArtPrize through the end of the next.

GRAM Selects ArtPrize 2014: Encore! will again showcase some of the strongest works across ArtPrize 2014. GRAM curators will select 10–15 works to be announced at the conclusion of ArtPrize, and installed within the Museum in October and November, to be available for viewing by Thanksgiving weekend.

Yia art fair #4

October 23, 2014
Stand / Booth no.6

Carreau Du Temple,
4 Rue Eugène Spuller,
75003 Paris

Da-End sur le site de YIA Art Fair
Art Fairs Mike MacKeldey, Lucy Glendinning February 11, 2015

ArtPrize in Grand Rapids, Michigan

September 24th to October 12th

Steeped in a strong tradition of art and design, Grand Rapids is home to the Grand Rapids Art Museum (GRAM), the world’s first LEED-certified museum, the internationally-renowned Frederick Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park, Kendall College of Art & Design, the Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts, several preeminent furniture design companies, and—the symbol of the city itself—Alexander Calder’s La Grande Vitesse, the first public artwork sponsored by the National Endowment for the Arts.Each year, Grand Rapids offers an increasingly diverse mix of arts and cultural events, expanding green spaces, biking and pedestrian paths, local businesses, and non-profit organizations, all contributing to the vitality of this truly collaborative community.

Will we be able to resist it?

Solo exhibition at Allen Priebe Gallery
Wisconsin University Oshkosh, with a lecture on the
11th September at the University
Exhibition runs form the 17th September to October 15th 2014

Boras Konstmuseum

Boras International Sculpture Biennial 2014
23rd May to 14th September

Borås Internationella Skulpturbiennal 2014
23 maj – 14 september

En gång i tiden sa man att en skulptur var något man snubblade på när man skulle titta på en målning. Det gamla talesättet från tiden då måleriet hade en statusmässig särställning i konsten känns fjärran idag, när vi inte bara betraktar, men även går in i Jaume Plensas mäktiga gestalt, House of Knowledge.

Vi får nog konstatera att storleken spelar roll, när vi pratar skulptur. I Borås sticker skulpturerna ut och tar plats i stadsrummet – de smälter inte bara in. De blir sedda och de blir omdiskuterade. Många boråsare kan ofta namnet på både verk och konstnär när vi talar om centralt belägna skulpturer – ett ovanligt fenomen i landet, som säger en hel del om ett växande konstintresse och en medvetenhet om det offentliga rummet som uppstått i samband med en välriktad satsning på skulpturstaden Borås. Denna har successivt kunnat växa fram tack vare ett sällsynt lyckat samarbete mellan kommun och näringsliv.

Årets skulpturbiennal har vi valt att koncentrera till nyöppnade Textile Fashion Center. Det kändes självklart. Detta center blir en högintensiv samlingspunkt i stadskärnan, tungt förankrad i Borås textila identitet innehållande bland annat Textilmuseet och Textilhögskolan. Med skulpturerna till allt detta, exteriört och interiört, skruvar vi upp temperaturen maximalt!

En iögonfallande skulptur – i närheten av inledningsvis nämnda och till staden inköpta House of Knowledge – är Xavier Veilhans Vibration i blått. Även detta fascinerande verk har införlivats i stadens samling. På sikt är det tänkt att ekipaget ska finna en permanent plats i Stadsparken.

Pontus Hammarén Chef, Borås konstmuseum

Konstnärer 2014

Momus (Nicholas Currie), Johan Zetterquist, Meta Isæus-Berlin, William Sweetlove, Elmgreen & Dragset , Cajsa von Zeipel, Nandipha Mntambo, Erwin Wurm, Hans Gothlin, Lucy Glendinning, Klara Kristalova, Bo Christian Larsson, Assa Kauppi, Lars-Åke Åberg, Jesper Nyrén, Xavier Veilhan, Jaume Plensa, Sean Henry, Eva Hild, Michael Schleu, Birgert&Bergström, Fredrik Wretman, Marianne Lindberg de Geer, Tony Cragg, Charlotte Gyllenhammar, Peter Johansson/Barbro Westling, Carl-Fredrik Reuterswärd, Jim Dine.



Exposition du 18 juillet au 2 novembre

Le propos de cette exposition est de montrer comment les artistes traduisent un monde en bascule qui se désenchante. Les cinquante artistes invités l’expriment à travers des thèmes (le corps, la passion ou la violence …) ou des genres (le portrait, le paysage) ou des médiums (la peinture, la sculpture, la vidéo etc..). Leurs oeuvres s’en trouvent modifiées selon des esthétiques qui bouleversent les habitudes, certains diront la bienséance.

The purpose of this exhibition is to show how artists reflect a world scale that disenchanted.

Perramant Bruno; Boudvin Simon; BARRÉ Virginia; Brégeaut Anne; DESGRANDCHAMPS Marc; BOTTO & BRUNO; Ghelloussi Karim, Gilles Barbier, Natacha Lesueur, Julien Berthier; GRÜNFELD Thomas, Claude Lévêque, CASABERE James; DUBOSC Sophie; YELLOW Oda; JONES Sarah, ORLAN, Eva Nielsen, AUGUSTE-DORMEUIL Renaud, Jim Shaw, Philippe DURAND; ARBUGAEVA Evgenia; ATTAL Jean-Pierre; CARON Bachelot; BALLEY Delphine; BERTRAND Amélie, Liu Bolin, Guillaume Bresson, Alain Bublex; BUGGENHOUT Peter; CADIO Damien; CHEHERE Laurent; Cherkit Mathieu, Marie DENIS; DESCOTTES Nicolas; documentation celine duval; DORFNER Leo; Dorotte Antoine; THE Zhenjun; DUNCAN John; FIEVET Laurent; FORSTNER Gregory; Geneix Marc; GLENDINNING Lucy; GOUDAL Noémie; HESSE-ROMIER; HIDAKA Christian; KOOI Ellen; KOS Paul, David Lachapelle, Claudia Larcher; LAY Géraldine; LEFEVER Frédéric; LEVASSEUR Iris; LOPEZ Marcos; MARIS Maude; Shana Moulton; MUNTEAN / ROSENBLUM; NAUD Pierrick; NAVA Stephanie; Nippoldt Astrid; PAHLAVI Axel; Javier PEREZ; Ristelhueber Sophie, ROSLER Martha; SCHUBERT Simon; SOULHIOL Geraud; STOKER Vincent J.; STOOL Claire; TALEC Nathalie; Trémorin Yves, Gérard TRIGNAC, Su-Mei Tse; URDARIANU Veron; WERLE Petra; WOLLE David; MOULIN Nicolas; Nicolas MOULIN; COQUERET Hervé; GOOSEBERRY Hervé; DEJODE & LACOMBE; Dejode & LACOMBE; INGOLD Kristian; INGOLD Kristian; KIENZER Michael; Kienzer Michael; KLUPSCH Sieglinde; Klupsch Sieglinde; RÖNICKE Pia; Rönicke Pia; SAMUELSSON Henrik; Henrik Samuelsson; SCHNYDER Jean-Frédéric; Jean-Frédéric Schnyder; STUDER / VAN DEN BERG; STUDER / VAN DEN BERG; WÜTHRICH Peter; WÜTHRICH Peter; ZIMMERMANN Andreas Andreas Zimmermann

Cabinet Da-End IV

A mixed exhibition at
Galerie Da-End
Cabinet Da-End IV
At Galerie Da-End
17 tue Guenegaud
75006 Paris
20th March to 24th May

For the fourth successive year, the Galerie Da-End revives the tradition of Rooms of Wonders (Wunderkammern) by proposing a collective exhibition in which the works of contemporary artists converse with antique tribal sculptures. Much like the original cabinets of curiosities were reproductions of the world in miniature, the Cabinet Da-End 04 indexes the numerous faces of today’s creation in the microcosm of the gallery space.


Art Paris Art Fair 2014

Grand Palais
Avenue Winston Churchill, 75008 Paris
March 27th to March 30th
Galerie Da-End
Booth D24


Grand Palais
Avenue Winston Churchill, 75008 Paris
March 27th to March 30th
Galerie Da-End
Booth D24


Group Exhibition 5:2

Lucy Glendinning, Gabi Trinkaus, Astrid Sylwan, Heli Hiltunen,
Anne-Karin Furunes, Andreas Eriksson & Wilhelm Mundt
At Galleri Andersson/Sandstrom
Aktrisgränd 34 903 64 UMEÅ SWEDEN
28th November until 22nd December 2013


My Dear Swan

Exhibiting part of the ‘My Dear Swan’ exhibition
at ACC Galerie Weimar as part
of the Pelerinages Kunstfest Weimar
ACC Galerie Weimar
Brugplatz 1 + 2
99423 Weimar

Group Exhibition: Arbeiten von BECK, Joseph Beuys, Fabio Cifariello Ciardi, Parastou Forouhar, Lucy Glendinning, Janet Grau, Anke Heelemann, Norbert Hinterberger, Peter Kees, Deborah Kelly, Csilla Klenyánszki, Yvonne Kuschel, Claire Lieberman, Marcos Lutyens, Rory Macbeth, Tea Mäkipää, Polly Morgan (GB), Nina Nolte (DE), Marcin Ryczek, Arne Schmitt, Anija Seedler, Nedko Solakov, Jan-Peter E. R. Sonntag, Sam Taylor-Johnson, Jim Whiting.
26th August until 24th November 2013


Cabinet Da-End 03 at Da-End Gallerie

17 rue Guenegaude 750006 Paris
Opening 18th May form 4pm to 8pm
Exhibition from May 21st until July 20th 2013


Avesta Art 13

Lucy is exhbiting at Avesta Art 13 ‘Heart and Brain’
An annual exhibition of 13 invited arts at the Verket Museum, Avesta, Sweden.
25th May until 8th September


Da-End Galerie at Art Paris Art Fair

Lucy is exhibiting with Da-End Galerie at Art Paris Art Fair, Stand B20 opens on
the 28th March until 1st April at the Grand Palais, Paris.



Da-End Gallerie Paris

A Solo exhibition, at:

17 rue Guénégaud 75006 Paris,
Opens Thursday March 7th at 6pm
From 8th March until 25th April.


Threadneedle Prize

Mall Galleries, 17 Carlton House Terrace, London SW1Y 5B26th September until 13th October 2012

Lucy’s work has been selected for the Threadneedle prize exhibition which runs at the Mall Galleries.


20/21 British Art Fair

Royal College of Art, Kensington Gore, London SW7 2EU
12th until 16th September 2012

Lucy’s work can be seen at the 20/12 Art Fair at the Royal College, Kensington Gore, London SW7 2EU
with Beaux Art, Bath.


The Baptism

A travelling group exhibition in Stockholm Sweden
10th September until 26th October 2012

Lucy’s work is in a touring exhibition in Stockholm in Sweden, called The Baptism, which is touring the following churches, Katarina church, Hedvig Eleonara Church, Sjöstadskapellet, Flemingsberg Chirch.

Hong Kong International Art Fair – ART HK 12

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong

17th until 20th May 2012

Lucy’s work can be see at Hong Kong International Art Fair – Art HK 12 with Galleri Andersson Sandström at Stand 3A16.


Kobra Program On The Theme Of Evolution

SVT, Sweden

4th April 2012

Lucy Glendinnings work was featured in the Kobra Program on the theme of Evolution was broadcast on Swedish television on the 4th April.


Market Art Fair 2012

The Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Fredsgatan 12, Stockholm.

17th until 19th February 2012

Galleri Andersson/Sandström will be showing work by Lucy Glendinning’s work at the Market 2012 art fair.


Lucy Glendinning At Galleri Andersson/Sandström Umea And Stockholm

Galleri Andersson/Sandström Akrisgrand 34 903 64 Umea, Sweden. Umea.
14th Jan until 24th Feb 2012

Galleri Andersson/Sandström Halsingegatan 43 S-113 31 Stockholm. Stockholm.
12th Jan until 12th Feb 2012

Lucy Glendinning and Galleri Andersson Sandström are holding two solo exhibition of new sculptures and drawings which will run concurrently in Stockholm and Umea.



Landscape Institute Award 2011

Angel Fields, Hope University. Liverpool. Landscape Institute
November 2011

Angel Fields won a highly commended award in the 2011 Landscape institute awards.


Civic Trust Awards 2011

Civic Trust Awards announced at The People’s History Museum Manchester,
7th march 2011

Angel Field won a Civic trust commendation award in 2011.


Landscape Institute Award 2010

St John Square, Blackpool
November 2010

St John’s Square, won a commended landscape institute award for St John’s Square in Blackpool, including the Wave sculpture.