Name: Anne

Project: A commission for a sculpture for the new city centre piazza by Saint Anne’s Cathedral

Place: Saint Anne’s central Belfast

Date: Installed November 2009

Description: A 7m high mirror polished stainless steel with internal lighting a laser cut pattern with coloured perspex insets and a life size figure cast in slate resin. The figure faces Saint Anne’s Cathedral.

Funded by: Department of Social development

Commissioned by: Turnus Ltd and Art and Business Northern Ireland

Agent: Art and Business Northern Ireland

Notes: This sculpture is designed as a still piece, it uses the site the Cathedral reflects in the narrow part of the polished steel base and the figure hangs above the Cathedral.

A pattern cut in the side gives the pieces some depth, colour and changes it at night, with the light perpex behind. Also lightening the top of the steel work.

Photography: Rory Moore




Belfast 1
Belfast 2
Belfast 3
Belfast 4
Belfast 5
Belfast 6
Belfast 7