Name: Discovery

A memorial to Francis Crick

Place: Northampton

Date: Installed December 2005

Description: A two-part sculpture, which pays tribute to Crick’s reference to the double helix as, a balance between two large numbers, the energy of attraction and repulsion.  Two identical life size figures appear to be taking off from 4-metre curved plinths, echoing the shape of the double helix, the balance of energies that bind it, and its function, the formation of life. The pose of the figures in take-off was chosen to convey drama and excitement which is uplifting to look at: “I’ve used the figures in bold, abandoned postures to convey a sense of his optimism and passion and the sheer daring of his work,” says Lucy. The relation of the two forms will alter depending on the viewpoint, drawing the viewer into the wider space at Abington Street, and creating a sense of entrance.

Materials: Stainless steel and marble resin

Funded by: The Wilson Foundation

Commissioned by: Northampton Borough Council

Agent: International Art consultants


Northampton 1
Northampton 2
Northampton 3
Northampton 4
Northampton 5
Northampton 6
Northampton 7